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For lawyer turned Chef Vidya Gurikar, cooking is a matter of the heart. Whipping up delicious, traditional Indian fare for friends and family was a hobby that quite unexpectedly grew into one of the largest Indian catering establishments in the South Bay, with a full fledged commercial kitchen that is run under the awards winning chefs expert eye.


Some of Our Favorites —


Quinoa Vegetable Dum Biryani 

A Biriyani that is slow cooked over a fire, to best bring out the fragrance and aroma of this Hyderabadi speciality.

Asparagus Palya

A Silver spoon Signature, continuing our tradition of blending Indian cooking with Californian ingredients. Fresh asparagus marinated and lightly stir fried with traditional South Indian spices.

Quinoa Bisebelath

A south Indian staple,quinoa with a blend of spices, vegetables, and a touch of tamarind.


The only Obbatu in the Bay area worth its jaggery! 



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Chef Vidya believes that food is more than nourishment for the body, but that it really is a centerpiece of celebrations that bring people together.
— Chefs of Compassion
Having catered for events of all sizes ranging from 10,000 guests at Cow Palace to more initmate events at numerous homes including cooking a special meal for Bill Gates, Chef Vidya has gained the reputation of serving pure, nourishing gourmet dishes.
— Mercury news
Chef Vidya’s spirit is as irresistible as her culinary creations.
— Indian Weddings Magazine
Feature in India Currents Magazine on being one of the Chefs selected to design the Menu for the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
— India Currents